I’m back!

Welcome back!! I missed writing for you guys. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been around for a while, I was just busy doing so many different projects at the same time, that I haven’t had time to travel or just explore new places around London.

Oh, well I have a surprise for you guys. I had a pleasure to travel from London to Berlin for a day to see a friend of mine and as I had a bit of time for myself I accidentally passed by this amazing place called THE BARN.

IMG_6270 IMG_6240 IMG_6269

I had already heard about this place before and I was really pleased that it appeared in front of me all of a sudden. How cool is that my own GPS has some good places saved on it’s hard-drive.

The Barn is such a massive place. They have a roastery in the back of the shop and on the front wooden bar welcomes you with sweets and treats as well as with some pretty good collection of different THE BARN roasts. All the barista’s seem to have a very good coffee knowledge and they are very keen on explaining the process of constructing the coffee (all in English), which I though was just great because my German was a bit rusty.

IMG_6236 IMG_6237 IMG_6235


IMG_6239 IMG_6238

My coffee was a really good Piccolo even though it was made with milk. Nothing wrong with milk, I just normally drink my coffee with soya milk. To my surprise the Barn does NOT do soya, skimmed or almond milk. They just do organic whole milk, which I personally thought was a good way to keep things simple and straightforward. So if whole milk is not an option for you then the best way to have your coffee is short and black.

Berlin has changed a lot in recent years, if you are there and looking for a good coffee THE BARN is the place to be.

P.S. They do coffee cupping every Saturday at 2pm. Just turn up and enjoy the ride!

Coffee Around The World

I watched this video last week and thought it would fit perfectly here on to  my blog.

The reason why is, that when it comes to the topic ‘coffee’ it is so funny to hear how people have different opinions around the world.  Every country has they way of doing coffee and to me this is exiting as well as very interesting to see how different countries like drinking they coffee.

A lot of my coffee friends have seen it and they enjoyed watching it.

I’m pretty sure the list will continue because there are some countries, which are not represented yet.

Enjoy and let me know if you like it or not.





Coffee out of The Black Coffee Cab!

Last Sunday I went to the Brick Lane Market in Shoreditch. I have to say, I haven’t been there for the last 5 years and it’s amazing how it has changed.

The best thing was this here, the Black  Coffee Cab!!!

IMG_5907 IMG_5909   IMG_5910

I didn’t try the coffee because it was to busy but I will definitely do that next time and then I will let you guys know about the quality of the coffee but for now the idea is just brilliant.

Watch out for the Black Coffee Cab

Have you hear about HER?

Do you know HER? Well, if not I will tell you something about HER.

HER is a charming café near Haggerston overground station; it serves amazing Espresso, which you can enjoy in a relaxing and peaceful Room.

Exactly what I needed after getting back into London life.

You and I just need HER.

I’m not really sure if you can define a coffee shop as a female? But I like the idea of it.

Haggerston Espresso Room also called HER is a place with amazing big windows, really cool illustrations, rotating art exhibition, great coffee, great food and comfortable sofas.

IMG_5526 IMG_5847

The first thing what welcomes you, when you walk into the coffee shop is the ‘CAKE SECTION’- delicious good-looking red velvet cupcakes, cookies, cronuts and pastries. Avoiding this section is impossible and really hard for anyone, who loves sweet treats.

IMG_5536 IMG_5520 IMG_5522

My favorite is the red velvet cookie, delicious!

HER serves Climpson & Sons coffee beans and provides a good knowledge on what kind of blends and single origins they have. My coffee was a flat white, which was perfectly served. The temperature was exactly how I like it, perfect creamy micro foam texture with a really nice sweet coffee flavour.


They also serve breakfast and tasty sandwiches the whole day, so if you have work to do on your laptop this is the place to be with free wi-fi.

IMG_5849 IMG_5848

The staff is very friendly and helpful and their music choices are just brilliant.


I can highly recommend HER.

Helsinki Baby!

I spent two days in Helsinki and I fell in love with the city although I would recommend to everyone, who goes there during the winter period to take warm clothes with you because it’s bloody FREEZING!!!

But the minus temperature and the cold wind didn’t stop me to go around and visit different coffee shops and roasters.

The thing I really like about Helsinki’s top coffee shops is that all of them just serve coffee, nothing else!

That is something I found really cool. Finns just concentrate on the subject, which is good coffee.

It is my third time in Helsinki and the last time I was there was two years ago. It is amazing to see how the coffee culture has changed and how the taste of coffee has developed.

I visited some interesting places such as Good Life, KAFFA, FREESE Coffee Co. and KUUMA. And I’m happy to recommend all of them because they were all really good. I didn’t manage to visit more than these places during the two days that I spent there, but I’m pretty sure that there are more to explore next time, so I will try to see the rest then, I promise.

Out of the places that I visited my favorite one was FREESE Coffee Co. I visited it on my last day before going to the airport and I was so happy that I did it because a) I got served by Finnish barista champion of 2013 KALLE FREESE, b) he explained me the process of their coffee making and c) I had really good coffee.

IMG_5812  IMG_5813 IMG_5818IMG_5815  IMG_5817   IMG_5820  IMG_5826

FREESE Coffee Co. uses Good Life coffee beans and I had the BUZIRAGUHINDWA filter, which was earthy and a bit fruity but really smooth at the end note.

IMG_5827 IMG_5821

I need to mention that the tap water in Helsinki is pretty good as well.

I liked everything in FREESE, the interior design, the magazines, the presentation of how the coffee gets done, all the information and the talk about coffee.

For all coffee lovers this is the place to be in Helsinki.

FREESE COFFEE CO. keeps it really simple and the end result is amazing coffee!!